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basement Leak - Berkley

Is Basement Waterproofing Covered by Insurance?

Are you familiar with everything your Berkley homeowner’s insurance policy covers?  If need to make a significant repair to fix foundation damage, or to prevent basement flooding, will your insurance cover those costs?   When your basement springs a leak or is flooded, you can expect costly repairs. Water damage is pricey and fixing the…
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Crawl space - Berkley Michigan Construction

Vapor Barriers For Crawl Spaces

Most of us don’t think about the space under some of our Berkley homes much. But the truth is that you may end up needing costly repairs if you don’t stay on top of it.  Homeowners with crawl spaces underneath their residence need to be away of what could happen if they ignore this part…
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old house foundation

Diverting Water Away from Foundation – Part 2

Part 1 available here: Diverting Water Away from Foundation As a homeowner, not much is scarier than hearing you have a water issue. The first thing that comes to mind is the foundation. When you discover a water drainage issue, don’t go to the dark side just yet. The good news is there are a…
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How To Dry Out A Damp Basement

What do you do if you have water in your basement There are few things worse than discovering a wet basement as a homeowner, or worse basement flooding that’s gone beyond just a little water. There are several things you can before to start drying out your basement, before you call in a basement waterproofing…
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Dry Basement for entertaining

My Basement Is Dry But Still Smells Musty

If your dry Berkley basement smells musty is a definite sign that something is wrong. Even if mold in your home is invisible to the eye and the basement concrete appears to be dry, you can still have enough mold growth on your wall, crawl space or on your slab to create a serious odor. …
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